Seamless Cylinders for Fire Fighting Application and Beverage uses

The High Pressure Seamless Gas Cylinders provided by Euro are not only meant for industrial use for the storage of gases that provide a protective welding atmosphere, they are also useful for the storage of CO2 Gas that is essential in the making of aerated water and which serves as a propellent for extinguishers, beverages, beer kegs and the inflation of rubber rafts.

In addition to portable wheel type CO2 fire extinguishers, Euro Cylinders are also used for system fire extinguishers using CO2 , Energen Argonite and Novac -1230 gases. Euro supplies large cylinders holding water capacity right from 1 Ltr. to 400 ltr. for system applications. Euro offers the widest range in light weight CO2 cylinders right from 1 to 34 ltrs. water capacity for hand held, trolley mounted fire extinguishers and for the beverage industry.

Euro cylinders are approved for use all over the world because of their ability to match various customer requirements. The cylinders are not only supplied with neck threading according to customer requirements, but also with various other fitting like valve & guard/cap and external painting colour that matches national standards or specific customer requirements. The cylinders listed in this leaflet can also be used for Nitrous oxide and all liquefiable gases with test pressures upto 250 Bar. For special applications we can also supply similar cylinders with test pressures upto 325 Bar.

  • Other sizes can be offered on request.
  • For the domestic market all cylinders are manufactured as per IS:7285, after Nagpur and International Standards like Lloyds / BVQI / DOT / TC / EEC / BS / KSA / JIS / JB certified and approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India, Nagpur.
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