Cylinders for
Compressed Industrial Gases
(Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Air etc... )

Gas cylinders are very essential for people in the gas business for the storage and transportation of high pressure gases, due to their increasingly versatile applications in various fields, especially, steel cylinders subject to rigorous use. Euro cylinders adhere to the most stringent regulations, both national and international. The cylinders for domestic market are produced as per IS - 7285, certified by and approved by chief Controller of Explosives, Govt. of India.

Euro high pressure gas cylinders are manufactured from high quality seamless steel tubes on the most modern CNC Machines, using the latest state-of-the-art technology to suit different industrial applications. Euro offers a wide range in these cylinders with water capacity right from 1 to 280 ltrs.

Many countries over the world have approved of the usage of Euro cylinders whichare famous for their flexibility to match any kind of specifications. This leaflet seeks to provide the Euro customer with potential information about the cylinders meant for industrial usage. Further information, intricate details will be provided on request.


  • Other sizes can be offered on request.
  • For the domestic market all cylinders are manufactured as per IS:7285, after Nagpur and International Standards like Lloyds / BVQI / DOT / TC / EEC / BS / KSA / JIS / JBcertified and approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India, Nagpur.
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